Recursos de Inglés para 3º EPO

Recursos inglés 3º EPO

Recursos de Inglés para 3º EPO



  • Clothes: baseball hat, belt, sweatshirt, tracksuit, flip-flops, sandals, T-shirt, uniform, shirt, blouse, trainers, shorts, scarf, beanie, ski jacket, tights, woolly jumper, hiking boots.
  • Style: fancy, plain, colourful.


  • What are you wearing? I’m wearing a baseball hat.
  • What’s he/she wearing? He/She’s wearing sandals.
  • Are you wearing a baseball hat? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not.
  • Is he/she wearing sandals? Yes, he/she is. / No, he/she isn’t.
  • This is my favourite scarf. These are my favourite tights.
  • Do you like my hat? I love my beanie.
  • What a fancy hat! What big shoes!


Kids vocabulary - Clothes

What Are You Wearing? Clothes Song

What Are You Wearing? Clothing Chant for Kids

I'm wearing



  • Prepositions: in front of, behind, above, below, next to, opposite.
  • Furniture: plant, mirror, picture, wardrobe, bin, shower, cupboard, computer.
  • Parts of the house: garage, balcony, basement.
  • Household items: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, towels, blankets, broom, shampoo, plates, pots, pans.

Grammar time

(Verb to BE. There is/ There are)

  • There’s a plant in the living room.
  • There are two plants in front of the computer.
  • The plant is/The plants are opposite the bin.
  • It’s/They’re below the mirror.
  • Is the broom in the wardrobe? Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t. It’s in the kitchen.
  • Are the pots in the sink? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.
  • They’re in the cupboard.


The Prepositions Song

The verb "TO BE" Present

Prepositions of Place

There is / there are parts of the house


Grammar time

  • What does it look like? It’s got feathers. / It hasn’t got paws. 
  • What do they look like? They’ve got tails. / They haven’t got feathers.  
  • Have you got a tortoise? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. 
  • Has it got a cage? Yes, it has. / No, it hasn’t.  


It's got / It hasn't got

Describing animals

Describing animals​

UNIT 2:​ ME!

In this unit we are learning about describing your body.

Grammar time

Have got (afirmativa, negativa, preguntas y respuestas)

  • I’ve got a small nose / I haven’t got a small nose.
  • He/She’s got thick black eyebrows / He/She hasn’t got thick black eyebrows.
  • We’ve got small red glasses / We haven’t got small red glasses.
  • Have you got broad shoulders? Yes, I/we have. / No, I/we haven’t.
  • Has he/she got broad shoulders? Yes, he/she has. / No, he/she hasn’t.


Talking about Physical Description

Descriptions Have got

Vocabulary - Family

Has, Have got